I am pleased to announce I will be re-joining City Council beginning in May. Congratulation to Mayor Warters, I look forward to working with you. A huge thank you to everyone who supported me in the Mayor's race.  The next opportunity to run for Mayor of Nassau Bay will be in 2022!

Launching the future of Nassau Bay

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Incomparable Nassau Bay

Knowing your next mayor

As a proud citizen of our fantastic community here is an overview of all I've been a part of and accomplished in Nassau Bay:

Current member of City Council, Pos. 2

Current member of CANBE Board (Community Association for Nassau Bay Enhancement)

Founder of Stellar Soiree: Discovering Nassau Bay

Current member of the Nassau Bay TIRZ Board

Host of Nassau Bay Television (NBTV)

Appointee to the H-GAC (Harris-Galveston Area Council)

Member of the Harris County Mayor and Councils' Association

Current member of the Palm Tree Landscaping Task Force

Current member of Short Term Rental Task Force

Mentor-ship provider for Clear Horizons High School students

Former member of the Nassau Bay Board of Adjustment

Former member of the Nassau Bay Parks Committee

Graduate of the inaugural class of NB101

Communities in Schools liaison for Space Center Intermediate

Participant in multiple ride alongs with NBPD

Lobbied for Nassau Bay with Citizens for Space Exploration

Current member of the 50th Anniversary Committee

Nassau Bay representative to multiple Texas Municipal League Conferences

And more!

Looking  to the future.....


Keeping our community safe... As a citizen that has participated in multiple police ride-alongs I have perspective on the risks our officers take each and every day.  I am proud of the work my colleagues on Council and I have done to pass a budget with a substantial increase in funding for our Police and EMS while lowering our tax rate 1% over last year's rate and maintaining fiscal responsibility to citizens like you. With social media at our fingertips, it’s time we explore the way we communicate about crime here in Nassau Bay.  . Pursuing grants for tools such as biometric readers and VR training are vital to staying up with the latest technology available.  Letting our officers know how much we appreciate the risks they take everyday will create a stronger appreciation between our PD and citizens in the future.  


Securing the updating of our vital infrastructure...With the low interest loan secured through the Texas Water Development Board our city has put together an effective, rapid and fiscally responsible plan to update 30 miles of our aging water and sewer lines over the next 10-15 years without straining our Public Works department.  Commitment to a fast and comprehensive completion of this update will help drive the revitalization of our commercial corridor, bringing tax dollars and rising property values to our city. Our Stormwater Pump Improvement Project has greatly increased our effectiveness in clearing street flooding as we assess yet tertiary pump support and providing both primary and secondary sources of power to each station.  


Pursuing flood mitigation plans...Through my meetings with our home elevation companies and FEMA grant coordinators, I understand home elevation to be an effective and safe tool against repeat flooding for our homes and to prevent flooding of our city’s facilities such as pumps and water treatment equipment.  Our grant program began over 12 years ago with Ike and gained more funding after 154 homes flooded during Harvey. Since then 57 homes have been elevated or are scheduled to be elevated in our city, addressing 95% of homes with repetitive loss. It’s essential that we explore less expensive and faster options for structural elevation that could be affordable as a preventative measure instead of waiting for a flood to occur.  Looking to the future, with the 2.5 billion dollar bond passed for Harris County flood mitigation, it’s critical that we actively monitor and have a strong voice in plans upland. I voted to support Nassau Bay’s participation in the Lower Clear Creek and Dickinson Bayou Watershed Study as a protective measure for our city as it pertains to decision making about flood mitigation that directly affects us.


Creating smart growth that will protect our property values & 

maintaining low taxes:   

Our city is changing and the desires of our citizens are changing.  My future vision for Nassau Bay, through facilitating a strong infrastructure, flood mitigation plans and a safe community, includes cultural growth and innovative technology:

  • Provide a property tax exemption to our citizens 65 and over at the city level by growing the revenue stream through positive growth in our commercial coridor.

  • Finding the right retail  to meet the needs of our residents is essential and a source of focus as I network with other small cities at events for local elected officials and attend Texas Municipal League Conferences.

  • Partnering with Methodist Hospital to develop an auditorium for TED Talks, medical lectures, speakers and shows.

  • Pursuing grants from Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. to build an amphitheater in David Braun Park for concerts, environmental & wildlife lectures, educational exhibits and large community gatherings.

  • Partnering with NASA and Space Center Houston to create a museum and library honoring our historic partnership with NASA Johnson Space Center and creating an opportunity to increase tourism revenue. 

  • Invite pub/brewery businesses and restaurants to invest in Nassau Bay offering our citizens more communal and dining options. 

  • Peninsula enhancements--from my meetings with Galveston Bay Foundation and SWA, placing more native trees and completing the trail are in discussions.  Let's add to the 2.6 miles of trails we currently have in beautiful Nassau Bay. 

  • Innovative and interactive playground equipment that appeals to young and old with the option to keep up with the competition remotely through a shared app.  


Inviting innovative and emerging technologies to invest in Nassau Bay:

  • Partnering with programs like Urban Leap to form local collaboration with emerging technologies such as air taxis, quantum computing, health tracking wearables, pocket ultrasound equipment and  AI diagnostics, capitalizing on the exodus from Silicon Valley.   Let's find our next MOON!